Ilka fabrics has a great experience in ready-made fabric production for latest fast-fashion trends including base layers and second layers for ladies, men and kids. Ilka fabrics , founded in 2012, is a leading company in its field in 9500 sqm closed area with quality, flexibility, quickness, research and continuous innovation principles and exports to prestigious trademarks of Europe.

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Future is now

Our company culture is based on creativity, design and innovation at the same time we are working to make our business model more sustainable and make a positive contribution to the world. Our business model is more economic, social , environmental and sustainable as possible. We are working on new processes and raw materials that help us reduce the ımpact of our products. In order to make our products more sustainable, we have defined the Higg Index, an Index developed by the sustainable apparel coalition to evaluate the environmental and social impact of the textile industry.

We care for the fiber, the production of raw materials is one of the most important steps in the creation of a fabric, using raw materials such as ecologically grown cotton, tencel™️ lyocell or recycled fibers supports the sustainable production. The use of more sustainable raw materials helps us reduce their impact.

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İlka Fabrics in Fashion

We produce finest fabrics for our clients to supply them with the highest quality materials to be transformed into trendsetting designs for their customers all around the world.

İlka Fabrics in Technic

We offer a vast variety of innovative fabrics made of different materials with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

Our Culture

Dedicated to innovation İlka Fabrics always tries to improve its activities in all factory processes. In respect to people and environment we embrace sustainability in order to leave a positive impact on future generations.

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Always in pursuit of progress, we forecast upcoming trends and offer our clients excellent fabric quality and various optional materials to form fashionable garments.

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Backed by our in-house R&D Centre, we manufacture advanced performance fabrics utilising the latest methods. We supply special fabric materials that we develop and produce to several sportswear and workwear brands worldwide.

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